MV BRUVIK was built at Glommens Mek. Verksted in Fredrikstad, 1949. She operated as a combined passenger and cargo vessel in the fjords nearby Bergen for 30 years. In the area, she operated there could be ice problems at winter, and therefore she was from built ice strengthened. In 1979 the service in fjords was closed, and she was then sold to Finland.

After sold to Finland she was largely modernized, mainly to inside accommodation, however she still retains a wonderful vintage feel with her wood-panelled interiors and open wooden decks. She returned to Bergen in 1994 and as from 1995 she has been operating on summer service to the neighbouring fjords from Bergen.

Owner company of the vessel was in 2007 taken over by new owner of which continue the operation based Bergen until end 2009 where after vessel was laid up.

After going through a comprehensive upgrading 2015/16 she was again back in the fjords as from summer 2016, and is now operating under the brand of Vestland Classic. MV Bruvik has today a capacity of 153 passengers.

Vessel is protected(“vernet”)by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage as an outstanding example of 1940s ship design.